Guinean coup leader Col.Doumbouya: Why we struck, quotes Rawlings

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya Guinean coup leader

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya Guinean coup leader

Despite immediate condemnation of the putsch in Guinea by UN Secretary general Antonio Guterres, the coup leader, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya has been speaking about the mission of the junta.

In his speech on Guinea radio and TV, Doumbouya denounced President Alpha Conde for financial mismanagement, the excessive politicization of public administration, poverty and endemic corruption.

To put an end to these defects, the junta promises to work from now on with “the sovereign people of Guinea in its entirety.

And he invoked the spirit of former Ghanaian leader John Jerry Rawlings, who as an air force officer ousted a civilian government headed by Hilla Liman in 1979.

Quoting Rawlings, Colonel Doumbouya said: “if the people are crushed by their elites, it is up to the army to give the people their freedom”.

“We decided immediately to dissolve the constitution,” he said in the broadcast.

He said the drafting of the new constitution would involve “the four natural regions and the diaspora”.

“The personalisation of political life is over. We will put in place a transparent and inclusive transition. We are going to put in place a new system”, reports

“There were a lot of deaths, a lot of injuries, and a lot of tears. We are all going to sit down to write a constitution that is adopted to our realities, able to solve our problems because if you see the condition of our roads, you see the condition of our hospitals, you will realize that after 62 years of independence, it’s time ”that we join hands

“It’s true we dissolved the constitution. We are going to dissolve the institutions. The closure of the land borders for a week, and we are going to deal with the air border. With all our comrades, we are going to find the solution to get out of this mess ”.

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The junta called on its “brothers in arms, units from all over the republic to stand alongside the people this time to help the people of Guinea.

“We invite everyone as far as they are concerned to continue sovereign activities ”by protecting the population and ensuring their safety.

“We are going to initiate a national consultation for an inclusive and peaceful transition. No one should die for nothing,” Doumbouya said.

He also reassured all the bilateral and multilateral partners, the international organizations to respect the commitments made to them by the ousted Conde regime..

Meanwhile, the coup appeared to have the support of the opposition National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC).

It issued a statement following the arrest of President Conde by the coup plotters.

“ This Sunday, September 05, 2021, the Guinean army through the National Committee for Rally and Development (CNRD) announced the arrest of dictator Alpha Condé.

“The FNDC observes this situation which currently prevails in our country and takes note, in particular, of the declaration made by this Military Committee announcing the dissolution of the “constitution” of the 3rd term and of all the institutions resulting from the constitutional coup d’état imposed on the people of Guinea through repression and a sham elections on March 22, 2020 ”, reacted the FNDC in a statement.

Further on, the anti-3rd term front announces an urgent meeting: “The FNDC recalls that this regime which was led by dictator Alpha Condé was illegitimate and unconstitutional.

“The National Coordination of the FNDC informs of the urgent holding of a meeting between the social and political actors around the situation. National and international opinion will be informed of the conclusions of this meeting. ”

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