Corruption: Lagos suspends committee on removal of abandoned vehicles


Committee on Removal of Abandoned Vehicles (RAVC)

The Lagos State Government on Monday suspended activities of the Ad-hoc teams of Committee on Removal of Abandoned Vehicles (RAVC) operating in the 20 Local Governments (LGs) and 37 Local Council Development Area (LCDAs) of the state.

Cases of massive corruption and harassment have rocked the committee as they operate beyond their scope.

This decision to suspend the committee, according to Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Oluwatoyin Fayinka was taken to appraise and review the operation of the teams in view of the several complaints by members of the public on the activities of some of the units which is causing embarrassment to the state government.

The Special Adviser explained that the Central Committee of RAVC would still continue operating.

He, however, warned that any ad-hoc team found operating after this notice would be handed over to law enforcement for trial and prosecution in accordance with the law of the state as captured in the Traffic Sector Reform Law (TSRL) 2018.

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Fayinka further stated that the RAVC, while in operation was able to remove many abandoned vehicles which hitherto posed as environmental nuisances, security and traffic impediments.

The Special Adviser called on members of the public whose vehicles were impounded to come to RAVC Office, (Former VIO Office), Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja to process the release of their vehicles.

Assuring that the Central Committee would continue adhering to its statutory responsibility, Fayinka advised the public to forward requests for the removal of all sort of abandoned or stationery vehicles in their respective areas to his Office.


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