TikTok celebrates Nigeria on 61st anniversary of independence


TikTok celebrates Nigeria at 61

October 1st is an important day in the history of Nigeria, marking the annual celebration of Nigeria’s independence.

TikTok, a leading destination for short-form mobile video, is joining the festivities with a series of innovative trends to celebrate Nigeria turning 61.

Since TikTok became available in Nigeria, it has been a haven of inclusivity amongst locals, uniting Nigerians with hilarious memes, interesting challenges, and fun trends that have appealed to a diverse audience.

Continuing the communal approach of TikTok during the independence celebrations, TikTok is encouraging Nigerians to join a hashtag (#Nigeriaat61) in celebration of the independence, as well as a feature that lets participants share the three things that make them proudly Nigerian.

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TikTok will also have a dedicated Nigerian historical facts tab pinned in-app to share knowledge of the country among users and encourage unique and new creations on the platform.

Finally, there will be a specially curated #Nigeriaat61 playlist that will allow users to re-discover some of the greatest music by Nigerian artists as well as enjoy current hits – both of which aim to capture the essence of Independence Day.

As always, TikTok’s commitment to fostering a wholesome celebratory feeling for Nigerians on Independence Day means that it will be one of the most popular things on the Internet come October 1st.