Slap Fight sport coming to Nigeria in few weeks


Slap Fight: New sport coming to Nigeria October

Promoters of slap fight, a new sport have said the combat game would begin in Nigeria in few weeks.

Executive Director, TKK Sport, Mr Abdulrahman Orosanya, made the announcement in a statement in Lagos noting that a particular date has not been picked.

Mr Abdulrahman said plans are in top gear for the inaugural championship scheduled for October in Nigeria’s commercial capital.

The title fight would hold in December in Lagos.

In the statement, the executive director explained that Slap fighting is a new sport introduced to Nigeria but it has been modernised in Russia.

He noted that the sport has also gained popularity in the U.S. and some European countries.

“Slap Fighting is a combat sport, or at least, a self-proclaimed combat sport.

“The origins of Slap Fighting are rather blurry, but the concept itself has been a long-time practice and has had its place in popular media.

“Slap Fight competitive style tournaments are much more modern. The era of modern Slap Fighting popularity was ushered in by Russian tournaments 2010 that pitted competitors against each other in competition.

“Presently, the championship is holding in the USA, Britain, Poland, Russia and South Africa with Nigeria being the newest bride.

“Plans are in top gear for the inaugural championship holding in Lagos state in October, while the title fight is slated for December, also in Lagos,” he noted.

The rules

“The rules of the competition is simple. Fighters compete with each other on the principles of the knockout stage.

“Two men stand face to face and take turns slapping one another with bare hands without head protection, the competitors take turns to slap one another hard around the face on the cheek with an open hand.

“The win is decided by a knock-out or a judge’s verdict,” he said.

Orosanya stated further that: “One of the principal rules is that only the upper part of the palm can be used to strike only the cheek, without touching the jaw, temple or ear of the opponent.

“The championship is open to all athletes world-class competitors, high-profile influencers, and smack-talking rivals give and take their best shot to settle beef and win the hard way.

“There will be a virtual training for both athletes and officials preceding the championship to build the capacity of participants on the rules, modern fighting techniques and other new development in the Slap Fight sport.

“The resource team will be led by J T Tilley from Slap Fight Championship supported by coaches, instructors and athletes from Slap Fight and World Slap Fight Alliance,” he said.

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