Helen Paul involved in car accident, suffers concussion


Ace comedian, Helen Paul involved in motor accident, suffer concussion

Ace stand-up comedian and actress, Helen Paul has revealed that she was recently involved in a car accident where she suffered a concussion to her head.

The co-host of the Jara show is now recuperating. However, she shared a picture of her bruised face on Instagram on Sunday night.

While addressing fans as regards her recent accident, she stated that a lot of people hide things and show only their best part on social media.

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“Sometime ago, I was involved in a car accident in Abuja. I suffered a concussion to my head and had to wear sunglasses for a while. When taking pictures with others, I would leave my sunglasses on and many complained that I didn’t want my face to show in pictures with them,” she wrote.

“Some even assumed I was being proud, being a star  They were totally oblivious of the true situation. Not all things are truly what they appear to be. Many are hiding a lot and showing the best side on social media.