The kindest, nicest, gentlest MP killed: Boris Johnson on slain Amess

Sir David Amess

Sir David Amess

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined the outpouring of grief for the slain MP for Southend, Sir David Amess.

He described Amess as one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics.

Johnson, who was away to Bristol at the time of the tragedy, returned to London to speak on Amess.

:’All our hears are full of shock and sadness,’ he said in his tribute.

He said the death came after ‘almost 40 years of continuous service to the people of Essex and the whole of the United Kingdom’.

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‘The reason people are so shocked and sad is above all he was one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics,’ he said.

‘He also had an outstanding record of passing laws to help the most vulnerable.’

Flags in Westminster are being flown at half-staff as a mark of respect to the 69-year-old, who had been an MP since 1983.

The killer, described as a 25-year-old man has not been identified by the police.