Adeyinka reveals greatest achievement. He says the unexpected


Gbenga Adeyinka

One of Nigeria’s most celebrated stand-up comedians, Gbenga Adeyinka, has opened up on how COVID-19 made him realise being alive is his biggest achievement.

The 53-year-old Master Compere also disclosed that COVID-19 took away the most important thing in his life.

The event host who recently bagged a lifetime achievement award said: “Being alive is my biggest achievement so far.

“Previously, I would think that creating one of the biggest platforms for comedy was my greatest achievement.

“More so, I used to think that staying this long in the industry and being the first person to start up a comedy magazine were my biggest achievements.

“However, COVID-19 made me realise being alive is my biggest achievement,” he stated.

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Adeyinka further said, “COVID-19 took away the most important thing in my life. It took my source of livelihood. Unfortunately for me, I was planning a show just before the lockdown. I had invested a lot into it financially, and it left me in debt.”

The Ogun State-born entertainer also disclosed that he has remained consistent in the entertainment industry for about two decades because of his dedication to his craft.

“When I started comedy and I was doing MC, only a few comedians were MCs then. But I told myself that I would do what would make me last longer in the industry. Apart from God’s grace, I rediscover myself. Anywhere the young people are, I move there. It is the desire to keep beautifying oneself. If you want to be relevant in the future, you have to be faithful to your art,’’ Adeyinka said.

On why he doesn’t show off his family on social media, the social media commentator said although nothing is wrong in showing off family on social media, he hides his own for personal reasons.

“I celebrate my family on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days but I do not show them off regularly for personal reasons. I am not saying it is wrong to show off one’s family on social media, but I do what is best for me.

“There were times people ask me why I do not bring my wife to my events. I reply by asking, ‘Why don’t I follow my wife to court too?’ My wife is a lawyer and the same way the court is her workplace, so is the stage my workplace,” he added.

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