CKay's #LoveNwantitiChallenge, others blow up TikTok



Every month, users of popular video-sharing social networking service, TikTok find something to trend, either a challenge or a sound that is fun which they can really get into.

This month is no different, with the breakout of the CKay’s #LoveNwantiti trend has been reflected on TikTok.

The local lip-sync and dance challenge which has now become global originating from Nigerian singer, CKay and has been one of the biggest sounds and trendsetters on TikTok of late.

Kie_Kie_ is bringing forward-thinking fashion styles on TikTok

A glance at Kie_Kie_’s TikTok profile tells you that she has vibes for days, and she’s not lying.

The TikTok creator moves between various forms of media such as meme-making and singalongs. But what truly sets the TikTok creator apart is her electric style of fashion that she brings to life on TikTok across various formats such as dress-offs and styles commentaries.

All of this ensures that Kie_Kie_ brings so much joy to her community on TikTok. Presently, she has over 275K followers and has received over 1.5M likes across her videos.

King Beerah is at the heart of TikTok imitation games

The runaway popularity of TikTok has had an extensive influence on how we engage with celebrity culture in Nigeria. TikTok’s communal feel has encouraged the rise of alternate celebrities and popular figures who come to light by mimicking other stars and widely-celebrated individuals.

TikTok creator, KingBeerah, is one of the most important imitators on the app, receiving acclaim for her fluid interpretations of conversations from Nigerian movies and comedy flicks.

In addition to that, she is an accomplished meme creator who has shown an affinity for trendy challenges like the #ChangeYourSoap trend. Presently, KingBeerah has 1M followers on TikTok and has received over 13M likes across her videos.

Viral Sounds

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Inspired by a song of the same title from Nigerian singer, CKay, the #LoveNwantitiChallenge started out as a local trend and has become global. It is used for basic dance, sing-alongs, lip syncs, and beauty trends across the world.

This trend was a viral sensation across all regions and with many versions, such as the acoustic and remix, reaching global trend levels as well. The song garnered international attention from its use on by creators and notable celebrities on TikTok and has received more 136M views as well as over 50K video creations.


The #CanYouRelate trend is a popular meme trend that gives creators a chance to create relatable scenarios for their audience that may or might not elicit a response.

The trend recorded over 5M views in just seven days and a high number of users participated in the trend throughout the month.

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