Sanwo-Olu meets comic artist who drew his caricature [Photos]

Sanwo-Olu and Bodataiye Oniyakuya

Sanwo-Olu with the framed caricature and Bodataiye Oniyakuya

Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu proved Tuesday he could take a joke, including the cruelest of jokes, when he is dealt one.

Today he met Taiwo Osinowo, a.k.a Bodataiye Oniyakuya, the comedian who drew his caricature.

Taiwo came with his lookalike twin brother to make the framed presentation at the Lagos Youth Symposium in Ikeja.

The big hearted Lagos governor showcased him as one of the upcoming talented Nigerians who must be encouraged.

Sanwo-olu shows the caricature to the audience
Here it is again: Sanwo-olu shows the caricature to the audience

“The best artist in UAR” came to present his drawing to me”, Sanwo-OLu told his audience at the Blue Roof, in Ikeja.

“I honestly can’t lay claim to the person in the frame, 😁 but I lay claim to the fact that we will continue to support and encourage our talented youths in Lagos state.

“We are also adding fashion and entertainment to our school curriculum”, he said.

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Sanwo-olu disappointed those who have expressed the fears that he could get the boy locked up for having the audacity to draw a grotesque image of him.

Bodataiye Oniyakuya, has drawn the caricaure of many celebrities and political leaders, including President Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Some of the people he had drawn did not like his work. Omotola Omosexy Jalade Ekeinde, was one of them. She told the artist whether he was OK at all.

“Pls. You’re not well, what is this? Come May 28th, you will be locked down”, she wrote last year.

One blog reporting OmoSexy’s objection, called the comic artist, a hoodlum.

Comedian Warripikin is offering N100,000 for information on the ‘comprehensive address’ of Bodataiye Oniyakuya.

But for Sanwo-Olu, Osinowo is just practising art.

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