How I lived with depression for 7 months - Boma



Big Brother Naija star, Boma Martins Akpore, popularly referred to as Boma has revealed how an ankle injury ended his football career and plunged him into seven months of depression.

The 2021 BBNaija housemate spoke about his short football career in an interview with Chide Jideonwo, TV host.

He said people promised to help him emigrate, prompting his exit from Nigeria and relocation to New York.

The actor, and model also disclosed that he became stranded after those who promised to help him relocate stopped communicating with him.

Narrating this experience he said, “As soon as I got to New York, JFK, the guy didn’t pick his call again”. 

Desperate for a way out of his predicament, Boma said he tried his hands on many things, one of which was football.

His pursuit of a career in football led him across countries. He went from the United States to Belgium and finally to Poland where he played in a small club.

Later on, Boma travelled back to Belgium where he got in contact with an agent who tried to sign him to a club for the Scottish premiership. 

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“I went to Poland, played in a small club, put myself together. I went back to Belgium from where I had contact with an agent, now to Scottish Premiership. I had a small injury I was nursing,” the reality TV star narrated.

“I usually don’t get injuries. If I’ll get injured, maybe muscular injuries at the gym or something. I kicked the floor and that muscle, that was it, men. I was trying. They injected me in that spot while I was in Scotland.

“I had to sign, I was already there, man. Despite the injection, the pain wouldn’t leave. Whether climbing the stairs or riding a bike, I felt it. I tried that week, I couldn’t. That injury just never left. In all my games, I couldn’t run well.

“Everyone including the agent was disappointed. It wasn’t my fault. That pushed me into serious, heavy depression. I still get messages in my inbox saying, ‘I didn’t believe you would leave football after everything you did’.”

Describing the period as a “defining moment” in his life, Boma said he lived seven months depressed in the United States.

“That injury was a career-ending injury. I packed my bag, left Scotland, and went back to Belgium to pack my other bag. I was back in the United States. 2017, March 8. That was the end of my career in football,” he added.

“My depression was bad. I would just wake up and sit on the floor. I’m not moving. Seven months. I didn’t want to do anything. My friend told me, ‘Bro, you can’t be living like this. There are people in Nigeria depending on you.’”

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