British Labour leader Keir Starmer hit by COVID-19

Keir Starmer new UK Labour leader

Keir Starmer UK Labour leader

British opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer has contracted COVID-19, a Labour Party spokesperson disclosed Wednesday.

It was his fifth time of being hit by the virus.

As a result, Starmer was replaced at Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament at noon on Wednesday by shadow business secretary Ed Miliband.

Strarmer’s latest absence came as Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak was set to deliver his autumn budget.

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves will lead the opposition response to Sunak’s spending plans.

Despite being sidelined by Covid-19, Starmer tweeted his party’s position on the budget.

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“The Budget must take the pressure off working people.

“With costs growing and inflation rising, Labour would cut VAT on domestic energy bills immediately for 6 months.

“Unlike the Tories, we wouldn’t hike taxes on working people and we’d ensure online giants pay their fair share.

“Today’s Budget must create a more resilient economy and take the pressure off working people.

“Labour would grow our economy, with our plan to buy, make and sell more in Britain, and our Climate Investment Pledge to create the jobs of the future”.

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