Comedian Funnybone opens up on his kiss with Joselyn Dumas

Funnybone and Joselyn Dumas

Funnybone and Joselyn Dumas

Stanley Chibunna, a Nigerian comedian, popularly called “Funnybone” has opened up on his first romantic role with Ghanaian actress Joselyn Dumas.

The comedian and the actress both worked together in the latest Showmax original titled “Ghana Jollof”.

Funnybone acted as “Jasper”, a ‘first-class graduate who moved to Ghana in search of greener pastures after failing to secure a job in Nigeria.

However, he hailed Dumas for helping him carry out his role perfectly.

He said:

“It was actually my first time being in a romantic space with a female on set, I have never done scenes where I had to kiss or hug somebody.

“But shout out to Joselyn Dumas for her skill and professionalism, she gave me the vibe and energy I needed to make the scene work, she would say to me, ‘calm down’.

“If it was someone else, I probably would not have done that scene as well as I did it, she gave me the freedom I needed.

“But on the whole, Joselyn is really cool, when she walks into the room, it is all good vibes, she is smiling, talking to you, and wants you to be on the same wavelength with her, she earned my respect for life.”
About his character in the film, Funnybone said he acted as Jasper, a nerd and ‘supposed first class student’,
verbally, though not on paper, a friend with Kweku and Romanus whom he met in university and who helped get him to Accra.

“Jasper is caught in the emotional triangle between Abena and Jackie who both work in Kweku’s company, he is very laid back, funny and an absolute pain in Kweku’s behind,” he said.

Funnybone also said he truly shared his character in Ghana Jollof in real life, with Jasper’s humor but not being a nerd

“I share Jasper’s humour in real life but I am not a nerd, am also intelligent like Jasper but am not a first-class student because I cannot kill myself,” he said.

On how he got the role, Funnybone said: “Right after the AMVCA, Basketmouth told me he had something he would like us to do together and that was it.

“About eight months later, he gave me the script to read and asked me to come through so we could discuss it.

“Being someone I had worked with for a long time, I think he understood what I could do, and my range, the role challenged me but I liked it because it is my first time doing drama and not just sitcoms.

“Sitcoms come naturally to me, unlike drama where I have to be serious and funny at the same time.

“Something about me a lot of people don’t know is that I like to be in my lane, if I wasn’t filming or out working I would be home with the air condition and television on while watching something or just sleeping,” he said.

He said acting in the Ghana Jollof was evident that he was pushing his craft beyond the Nigerian borders.

He said the attribute he admired most with the Ghanaians was that they were never in a hurry.

“Ghanaians are not in a hurry like we are, if I was in Ghana, I wouldn’t be complaining about a 6 am call time, whereas, in Lagos, you could shoot from 5 am till the next day. Ghanaians are chill; they take their time.

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