Eric Adams wins for Democrats in New York

Eric Adams wins Democratic race for New York mayor

Eric Adams

Just as widely predicted, Democrat Eric Adams won New York City’s mayoral race on Tuesday on promises to boost public safety and give voice to working-class residents.

His campaign drew on his experience as a police captain and as a Black man who experienced police brutality as a youth.

Adams, the Brooklyn borough president since 2014, will become the city’s second Black mayor after easily defeating Republican Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels civilian patrol.

The 61-year-old Adams takes over in January from Democrat Bill de Blasio, who was term-limited after eight years in office.

Adams will face the task of overseeing the largest U.S. city’s nascent recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, as well as confronting wealth inequality, the lack of affordable housing and struggling public schools.

He had been expected to win handily in the overwhelmingly Democratic city.

“We are so divided right now, and we’re missing the beauty of our diversity,” Adams told supporters on Tuesday night. “Today we take off the intramural jerseys and we put on one jersey, Team New York.”

Adams’ victory could give President Joe Biden’s Democrats some signs of where voters stand as the party strives to maintain a fragile alliance between progressives and centrists in Washington.

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Adams prevailed in the party’s primary election with a coalition that resembled, in some ways, the voters who helped elevate Biden to the Democratic nomination in 2020, especially his support among more moderate Black voters.

Progressives worry Adams will cater too much to the real estate industry, a powerful lobby that gave generously to his campaign.

Democrat Alvin Bragg was elected Manhattan district attorney on Tuesday, the Associated Press projected, making him the first Black person to lead one of the country’s highest-profile prosecutor’s offices.

Bragg will inherit the criminal investigation into the business empire of former President Donald Trump, a probe initiated in 2018 under the current district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., who is retiring.

Adams has not been shy about suggesting that his triumph can serve as a blueprint for national Democrats.

He has been dismissive of critics of his agenda on the left who he says do not speak for mainstream Democrats.

“I say that it’s time for us to stop believing that we should have the right tweets. We should have the right safe streets,” Adams told CNN after winning the party’s nomination in July.

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