I left my church after pastor criticised Buhari - Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina and President Buhari

Femi Adesina and his principal President Buhari

Femi Adesina said he left his church in Abuja after the pastor began “all sorts of criticism” of his principal Muhammadu Buhari.

Adesina stated this in his article titled “THIS KUMUYI IS SIMPLY DIFFERENT.”

The presidential aide praised the leader of Deeper Christian Life Ministry for his composure during difficult times in Nigeria.

Adesina, however, narrated how he left his church after his pastor criticized Buhari over the abduction of Dapchi girls.

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He said:

“I used to attend a church in Abuja from 2015 to 2018, till the pastor began to see himself as someone who must bring the Buhari government down. Sunday after Sunday, it was all sorts of criticism from the pulpit.

“But I endured since it was a branch of a church I had attended for over 30 years. Till one day, he overdid it. The Dapchi girls were abducted, and there was no name the pastor did not call President Buhari that Sunday. It was horrendous that such things could come from the pulpit. But I suffered long and sat through the sermon, or rather, what was supposed to be a sermon. I then went home, wondering what the church of God was turning to.

“If you recall, the Dapchi girls were recovered within a week, except for Leah Sharibu, and a few others. Awful, quite sad, but still there was cause for one to be thankful to God. So, the following Sunday, I went to that church, waiting to hear what the pastor would say, having excoriated and flagellated the government so badly the week before. I was dazed, nay, stunned. Throughout the sermon, not a word, not even a whisper about the recovered Dapchi girls. Bad faith. “If you are a genuine believer in Christ, you wouldn’t hate your neighbor. Nor would you disdain those in power…”

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