Vedic Hospital reacts to shutdown, gets MDCN license for expatriate doctors

Vedic Hospital

Vedic Lifecare Hospital

Vedic Lifecare Hospital, Lekki, has said its three expatriate doctors had received their licenses from Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) and working on the reopening of its facility shut by Lagos State Government.

Head of Operations, Vedic Lifecare Hospital, Dr Tosan Omaghomi, in a statement on Monday, said since the closure, the hospital had worked with MDCN and the Indian High Commission to complete the registration of the three expatriate medical personnel, noting that their practising licenses had now been issued.

“It is important to point out that we have over 17 doctors in our team all of whom are duly qualified and licensed to practice in Nigeria.

“The expatriate personnel themselves are all highly qualified with over 20 to 30 years of experience internationally and all their documents have been endorsed by the Medical authorities in India or elsewhere.

“Their applications to the MDCN had been submitted before now and, all requirements complied with and were also vetted and endorsed by the Government of India through the Indian High Commission Nigeria.

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“Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond our control, there was some delay in the issuance and procurement of their license by the MDCN,” he said.

He said that as the expatriate personnel concerned had received their licenses from the MDCN and that it was working with HEFAMAA to expedite the reopening of the hospital.

“Vedic Lifecare Hospital is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and would never jeopardise the health and well being of any of our patients by engaging unqualified personnel.

“We apologise to the public and assure every Nigerian of our commitment to improved service delivery and healthcare to all our patients.

“We would never compromise on our values or engage in, consent to or participate in any scheme that compromises the health and safety of our patients regardless of the limitations and circumstance,” he said.

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