Man rescued from kidnappers after 25 days in captivity


FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE: Man rescued from kidnappers after 25 days in Kabul.

Photo credit: The Guardian

The Taliban-led caretaker administration’s intelligence office on Wednesday said a young man was rescued from kidnappers after 25 days of abduction in Afghan capital Kabul.

“As a result of series of precise operations, personnel of the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan managed to rescue a youngster Mahdi from kidnappers,” who asked for 6 million U.S. dollars in ransom from his family for his release, said the office in a statement.

The man was rescued in Paghman district, a recreational site west of Kabul, where kidnappings often take place.

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The office did not give details if the abductors have been arrested or not.

The Taliban-led administration has vowed to continue crackdown on criminals including thieves, armed robbers and kidnappers.

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