Mobile phones can't replace watches in fashion – T20 Luxury boss


Olajide Tope

Since the advent of mobile phones which more often than not, have time pieces attached to them, most people have come to see wearing watches as unimportant and unnecessary as their phones could do the job just as well.

But according to the Chief Executive Officer of prime fashion brand, T20 Luxury, Olajide Tope, mobile phones can never replace watches as watches tell more than time.

“Luxury watches are an expression of lifestyle and personality. I think a lot of people would love to have a Rolex or AP watch or any kind of rare piece of watch despite having time on their phones. People have different perspectives on that, but wearing a quality watch is always very attractive to many people,” he said.

“The place of jewelry in fashion cannot be overlooked. There’s a reason God gave us these natural resources for free and if you notice since inception, jewelry has always been in vogue. That’s one thing that would last forever,” he declared.

He further explained all elements of fashion and how fashion complements beauty and style, saying being fashionable is an effortless venture if one knows how to do it right.

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“Honestly, being fashionable comes effortlessly. You do not have to exert too much detail in your style to look fashionable. In other words, they don’t appear too colorful, but rather fascinating. Simplicity is the watch word. If you’re very simple with your style, people will see you as fashionable and wouldn’t struggle to notice the beauty in that.

“The brand has come to carve a niche for itself in the fashion space with a community of loyal fashionable followers on Instagram. The brand has proven that the business of fashion is a borderless one as they have curated the best of luxury fashion items across the world via online exchanges,” he said.

For the founder and CEO, Olajide Tope fashion is not just fashion but luxury and personality fused together. The quest to be in the business is almost an innate gift as the seed was long planted in him and finding the outlet for the passion to grow was as natural to him as his right to be alive.

“I have always loved fashion and style. The notion that you are addressed the way you dress has stuck with me since my childhood. So, we could say the passion is just natural and I couldn’t have loved any other business to invest in than fashion,” he said.

Summing up his journey in the business in terms of the lucrativeness of the business, Olajide said he has no regrets as he has found a path in which he can only be happy and that’s getting people what they want in the world of fashion and fitting them up to look their best.

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