Buhari: After infrastructure, Nigerians can take care of themselves


President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday explained why his government has been investing on infrastructure, saying once it is in place, Nigerians can take care of themselves.

He gave the explanation when he met with President of Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Dr Mohammed Al-Jasser at the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum.

“We are struggling very hard on infrastructure, because there can’t be sustainable development without it,” the President said.

“Considering the vastness of our country, we need roads, rail, power, airports, housing, and that is what we have engaged ourselves with in the past six years.

“And our people are seeing the new developments. Relative to the resources available to us, we have not done badly. When infrastructure is in place, our people can look after themselves.”

President Buhari thanked the IDB for its help so far.

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“What we are so dependent on (crude oil) has lost a lot of energy. It is coming back gradually, and we are breathing a bit more with some confidence. But we expect greater cooperation from you.”

Dr Al-Jasser said since he assumed office three months ago, he was glad to notice the level of collaboration between Nigeria and the IDB.

“I am impressed by your policies on infrastructure, which will give opportunities to youths, and encourage the private sector.

“Nigeria is a pivotal country to us, and it deserves all the help it can get.”

The IDB boss said the main role of the bank was to promote development among its stakeholders, and will continue to lend a helping hand to Nigeria.

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