Calling you American with 'Oyedepo' as your name is deception - Oyedepo


Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, founder, Living Faith Church Worldwide has told Nigerian youths that calling them Americans with their their African names is deception.

He specifically said “calling you an American with Oyedepo as your name is a deception. There is no Oyedepo in their lineage. It doesn’t exist.’

Oyedepo, who spoke at the convocation of Landmark University on Friday added that “‘Babatunde’: A British citizen. Wonderful. You will be told how you are not a real citizen but an adopted citizen, whose rights can be withdrawn at any time.”

The bishop said life without a mission is an adventure in frustration, saying that travelling out of the country is not an achievement.

“That should record in anybody’s mind. It is not an achievement. No. There is nothing wrong in going out to study, but there is everything wrong in living one’s life to chance.

“I am just going to try!!” And many today are only hanging around where they are tolerated, leaving where they are celebrated. Leaving where their contribution will make most meaning. I thank God that I never missed my way to stay in America.

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“I thank God that he directed my path back here. I thank God that I am seeing the fruits of my labour. I thank God that I am making my little impact, little contribution to my generation.

“Watch it, some may be marked out to be president of this great nation tomorrow and be jumping about, fast food restaurant jobs, sweeping and all that. You don’t need that.

“Where the problem is greatest is where contributors are most needed. We have great challenges and we need great contributors to turn our challenges to testimony,” he stated.

According to Oyedepo “Nigeria needs you, our great Nation needs you. The continent needs you if you are willing to make your life count. Yes, go and study. Yes, come back and add value.

“God forbid, there will be no war in Nigeria. If for any reason, if anything like that happens, I will be the last to leave here. I have made a vow to God. I owe my generation a responsibility.”

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