Nollywood Actor Akah Nnani drops verdict on “Ghana Jollof”

Akah Nnani

Playing Romanus in “Ghana Jollof” really stretched me – Actor Akah Nnani

Nollywood Actor, Akah Nnani, who acted as “Romanus” in the latest Showmax Original “Ghana Jollof”, said that the role truly stretched him as he had no scripts.

Nnani disclosed this during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

He said: “Playing Romanus really stretched me because I had no script, I had to improve and make up my lines and reactions.

“I would say the fact that it stretched me, I wasn’t given a script and I was working with comic giants like Basketmouth, Buchi and Funnybone and I had to hold my own.

“Every day I would have to psyche myself up and I consider it a blessing because I always want to be on a project that challenges me.”

Nnani said that there were no similarities between his real self and the character Romanus as he had to build that character while acting.

He said having visited Ghana, he would advise anyone trying to visit to prepare and enjoy the nightlife.

He noted that he observed that Ghanaians value experiences which are obvious in their food and the structure of their building.

“For anyone trying to visit Ghana, get ready to enjoy the nightlife, Ghana has a lively nightlife, also, people should get ready to drink a lot of coconut water, because they have it everywhere, which is amazing.

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“Also, I would say, people should not engage in Nigeria vs Ghana Jollof war, try it first, because as far as I am concerned, the fight is pointless, If you have someone prepare really good Ghanaian Jollof, you’ll lick your fingers.

“Ghanaians value experiences, and it shows in their food and even their buildings, their houses have gardens and parking lots, whereas in Nigeria, finding parking space is a problem.

The Actor attributed his growth in the entertainment industry to the holy spirit, self-belief, self-development and having good people around him.

“Self-belief, self-development, and having good people around me to advise and put me in line has been very helpful in my career.

“This is also inclusive of the Holy Spirit, the holy spirit is the most valuable person anyone can have,” he said.
As a new father with an 11-month-old baby, he said what fatherhood had taught him was resilience.

“Going through age zero to 11 months, I have learned so much but what am learning now is resilience.

“My daughter is teaching me resilience because when it is nap time, she always protests and the process of putting her down can take about 40 to 50 minutes.

“So she is teaching me resilience and I think that’s what a lot of parents struggle with, just finding that time and energy to go through the process,” he said.

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