Anita Okoye reacts to Psquare reconciliation



Anita Okoye, the estranged wife of Paul Okoye also known as Rudeboy, has reacted to the reconciliation of Psquare, saying their feud bears a lesson.

Psquare split in 2017 after Peter allegedly accused Paul and their elder brother Jude of shortchanging him.

In a now-viral video, the pair were seen sharing a warm embrace, suggesting that they had settled their differences.

On Thursday, Anita took to her Instagram page to share the key lessons she picked from the Psquare feud.

“Dem be 1 no be 2! Thank you for letting me have such a great relationship with both of you independent of your rift. I am delighted I didn’t let your coconut heads let me choose sides,” she wrote.

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“There’s a lesson here. Do not ever involve yourself in a tiff that doesn’t concern you. And don’t let social media and the opinion of those who do not matter define your situation! Let God guide you!”

In 2020, many Nigerians were disappointed after Jude said he would never be able to mend the cracks between the brothers.

“If two are fighting and the referee is supposed to separate the fight is also being fought, how then do you want to end the fight? Peter and Paul don’t have problems with each other,” the former manager had said.

The couple met while in the university and dated for 10 years before getting married in 2014.

News reports said Anita had filed for divorce in an Abuja High court, while also moving to the U.S. with her three children.

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