Lagos EndSARS panel members being persecuted after bombshell report

EBUN-Olu Adegboruwa

Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa

A member of the Lagos Judicial Panel on #EndSARS, Ebun-Olu Addegboruwa, said members are now targets of persecution following their bombshell report.

The report which confirmed a massacre of defenceless young Nigerians by the army and police on 20 October 2020, was submitted to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Monday.

Adegboruwa, a senior advocate of Nigeria cried out today that since the submission of the report, members of the Panel have become subject of vicious attacks by those suspected to be agents of the government.

He said a member of the mob is an official of the Lagos State Government.

“All manner of allegations have been heaped upon Panel Members, some of who have been called unprintable names”, Adegboruwa said on Thursday night.

“I can confirm that no Member of the Panel lobbied to be appointed into the Panel. As a matter fact in my own case, His Excellency, the Governor of Lagos State, appealed to me to accept my appointment, which I saw as a call to national service. The primary reason the Governor gave to me then was that he wanted men and women of integrity, independent and not subject to manipulation, to be on the Panel.

“Just today, my attention has been drawn to an interview by a Senior Counsel to the Lagos State Government, to the effect that Panel Members collected bribe in the course of the assignment.

“It is unfair, ungodly and least expected of the government and its lawyers.

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“The Lagos State Government asked for two weeks to enable it release a White Paper on the report submitted to it by the Panel.

“And we have been waiting, but it would seem that the Lagos State Government has now unleashed mindless propaganda upon Panel Members whilst at the same time asking for restraint from the general public.

“I have in my custody, certified true copies of ALL proceedings of the Panel and all exhibits tendered before the Panel in respect of the Lekki Toll Gate Investigation. I urge the government to call its agents and lawyers to order so as not to provoke aggravated responses.

“It is unfair to seek to denigrate peoples’ hard-earned reputation on account only that they accepted to render selfless service at the behest of government. If the government and its agents are not restrained from attacking others, nothing stops us from defending our integrity.

“I should not become a victim of unwarranted attack just because I accepted to serve the government and the outcome of that assignment did not favour the expectations of the government. Suffice it to mention that

“I worked with men and women of unblemished integrity and I’m proud to be associated with them all.

“I therefore appeal to His Excellency the Governor of Lagos State to call all agents of State to order and to keep to his promise to us to release a White Paper within two weeks and to send the unedited report of the Panel, to the National Economic Council”.

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