Billionaire Mafia boss, Idowu Tella advises artistes on signing recording deals

Prince 10

Idowu Tella

We have witnessed quite a number of artistes-labels drama and bad blood in the Nigerian music industry.

From 2Baba and Kennis Music, Wizkid and Empire Mates Entertainment, to Kizz Daniel to G-Worldwide, it is a never-ending story, and it will continue until some certain provisions are put in place.

In a recent interview, record label boss of Billionaire Mafia Records, Prince Idowu Adegbite Tella pointed out what an artist must consider before signing a recording deal.

“My advice is that they shouldn’t be desperate. They should read the papers before they sign and if they can’t understand, they should involve the lawyers to help them break down what’s in the paper in order to avoid misunderstanding in the future,” he stated.

He added: “The music industry is a business. Artistes should learn what it is to be in business, to be a brand, and move accordingly. Artistes, please, employ the best entertainment lawyer you can find, clearly tell your attorney what you want, and ask your legal aide to explain the terms of your contracts to you like you are a baby. Leave no stones unturned. Make it your duty to understand every sentence of text. If you disagree with the offer, decline the opportunity or try to negotiate. Also, when you reach an arrangement, place someone in charge to make sure your label holds up to their end of the bargain, as you are doing the same thing.”

According to him, there is so much mess out there because the two parties involved in the contract get in over their heads and try to stretch the provisions of the contract.

“The reason why some of these things happen is greed. It can happen on the artist side or on the record label side. Also most of these artists can be ungrateful as well because you should never forget the spoon that fed you when there was nothing and now they feel they don’t need their record label again and can do things on their own,” he asserted.

Tella founded Billionaire Mafia Records with a vision to become an international record label like Sony, ROC Nation and co in the United States.

“What we need is the government to support more and establish many platforms for proper exportation of Afrobeat to the world. Afrobeat is gaining popularity in the whole world right now and with that, international collaboration will come at ease,” he added.

Prince Idowu Adegbite Tella is a serial entrepreneur who runs other companies in the United States of America. He works for the University of Georgia as the International Student Recruiting Officer as well.

He holds both Bachelor’s degree and Masters degree in Business Administration from University of Georgia.