Jonathan gives reason for conflict in African countries


Former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has said that one major source of conflict in African countries is the inability to manage diversities.

He said this on Friday at the 2021 “Democracy Dialogue” with the theme “Democracy and the Unity of State” organised by the foundation in Abuja.

The former president who is the founder of the foundation said that the diversity of African nations had often been misconstrued to be a source of their challenge.

He urged Africans to begin to see a little more than their tribes in all that they do, adding “your tribe alone cannot make a nation.” Jonathan admonished that if African diversity is well harnessed, it would be a source of greatness.

“As President out of office, I have been involved in managing conflicts in many African countries.

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“In the course of such missions, I had observed that one of the major sources of problems is the inability to manage diversities.

“In Africa, we need to harness our diversities and differences and translate them to strength for a more peaceful and prosperous future.

“Our diversity is often misconstrued to be the source of our challenges, but I feel, if properly harnessed, it will be the source of our greatness.

“One good way to make progress in this regard is to strengthen government institutions to improve integration, equity, and social inclusion in our various nations,” Jonathan said.

The former president said that the dialogue was aimed at advancing the course of nationhood and building a consensus around some critical issues affecting Africa unity and development.