Pathetic United: De Gea, Fernandes defend Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


Bruno Fernandes and David de Gea came to the defence of Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as they fell 1-4 to Watford in London.

After the match, Solskjaer went with the team to applaud away fans, but a a significant number booed him.

Fernandes remonstrated, telling supporters to take anger out on everyone. He went further to tell one of the broadcasters that everyone, nnot just the manager, takes the blame for United serial woeful performance.

In a post match interview, United keeper De Gea admitted that there is ‘something very wrong’ at Manchester United.

In a rant after the loss, de Gea said: ‘It was embarrassing to be honest, to see Manchester United play like we did today. I think it’s not acceptable.

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‘The way we were playing, it’s easy to blame the manager, the staff. But sometimes it’s the players. We play for Manchester United, we need to do better.

‘It was an embarrassing first half. We could’ve conceded four goals, we cannot play like today. It’s a nightmare again, for a long time and it’s not acceptable.

‘Players are trying to give our best but for sure something is very wrong, you can see in the games. It’s very low level, very poor. Sorry to the fans.

‘I’ve been in difficult moments throughout my career but I always believe in myself. We are professionals, we all have difficult moments. We have to be strong in the mind, strong in the body, to be hear to play for United and we have to do more today.

‘It’s been very bad for a long time, in a club like Man United we have to fight for trophies and to be honest we’re far from there. We have to keep working hard, stay together, be very strong, look at ourselves and see what we can improve.’