Prophetess Mary Olubori warns Nigerian youths


Prophetess Mary Olubori Dasmola

UK-based Nigerian Prophetess, Mary Olubori Dasmola has warned youths in Nigeria who are bedevilled by the culture of get-rich-quick syndrome to shun the evil path and fix their gaze on God.

The outspoken cleric, in a statement released to press said that the sudden increase in Internet fraud such as ‘yahoo yahoo’, kidnapping and other social vices is hinged on admiration for material acquisition.

She faulted successive governments for bequeathing faulty educational foundation to the present generation.

“In Nigeria, we seem to have a section of youth that have lost touch with purpose, hence, the consistent stench in the moral fabric of our society.

“The rise in cyber crime most notably called ‘yahoo yahoo’ and even kidnapping is hinged on the love for material things”, she said.

“The government both present and past have failed to properly address the issues facing most sectors of the country. Today, for instance, the youths are getting wrong notions that education is worthless and time wasting.

The founder Rock of Salvation Apostolic Ministry, however, encouraged youths to build positive values for themselves, disconnect from every act of fraudulent and embrace the promises of God.

“The Good news is that God is still alive and watches over us. Despite all the challenges facing the country, we will continue to leap forward in faith.

“I call on every Nigerian youth to embrace the promises of God, shun evil acts, inculcate strong moral values, develop interpersonal skills and leverage the possible entrepreneurial windows available in the country”, she added.

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