I won't drop Rema's song from my album - DJ Neptune

DJ Neptune and Rema

DJ Neptune and Rema

Nigerian disk jockey, Imohiosen Patrick, popularly known as DJ Neptune, has revealed that he won’t take down Rena’s song from his album.

Neptune stated this after Rema called him out of Friday.

Rema via his official Twitter account said DJ Neptune released their collaboration, titled For You, without his consent.

DJ Neptune, however, noted that he had indeed gotten permission from the artist’s management before going ahead to release the song on his second studio album, Greatness 2.0.

He shared pictures of chats between himself and Rema’s manager, Seun Okeke, which proved he was given the approval to publish the song and also make preparations for a music video.

He also shared a letter titled, ‘Re: alleged use of Divine Ikubor a.k.a Rema’s Intellectual Property’, explaining how he followed due process in releasing the said collaboration.

“My attention has been drawn to different publications on the above and it is right for the records to be set straight for posterity.

“The general public should take note that the DJ Neptune’s brand respects all and sundry, and would not act in any way to tarnish the hard-earned image built over the years. Further to this, I wish to state that in the course of my work Rema’s record was obtained, and the right steps were taken.

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“Attached to this are screenshots of email of the final mixed and mastered versions of the said work forwarded to Rema’s manager (in line with International Best Practices and Procedures), and other members of his team, dated 21st September 2021, notifying them of the inclusion of the said composition in my album, and also the proposed release date of the album.

“Further to this, I am also attaching a response dated 21st September 2021 issued by Rema’s manager, through whom the said composition was earlier forwarded to me, acknowledging the receipt of the same email.

“And upon other telecommunications, I did give instruction to my legal representative to forward the collaboration agreement to Rema’s manager and team as earlier specified. Upon same, my lawyer was contacted by a licensing officer of Rema’s label for negotiations and clearance.

“Terms were agreed upon on 24th November 2021, and the execution copy was to be sent in the morning of 25th November 2021, when I was contacted that Rema had requested the song be flagged down on the account of non-notice,” the letter read.

After the complaint by Rema, DJ Neptune noted that he also contacted the singer’s team to explain that the track could not be flagged down as that would amount to the flagging down of the entire album.

“Later in the day, I spoke to Rema’s team and I was made to understand that information was not properly circulated by the manager, and since I had made known the proper information with screenshot, then the fault was not in any way mine, and it is just normal that we proceed with the release of my album while Rema’s terms would be attended to once the album drops,” he continued.

The DJ clarified that despite the call out, he was not in any way upset with Rema “as it is obvious that proper information was not passed across to him through his available channels.”

“It’s all love on this side, keep winning Remy boi,” he wrote on the caption.

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