Fuji star KS1 Malaika gifts mum house


KS1 Malaika gifts mum a house

Famous Fuji musician, Sulaimon Alao Adekunle, who is better known as KS1 Malaika has surprised his mother with a new mansion in Lagos.

The fuji icon took to his Instagram page on Sunday to share a video and photos of the house.

The video captioned the moment his mother became emotional about the surprise gift as she hugged him tightly while praying for him.

The singer revealed in his caption, that the grand gesture took his mother by surprise as she had no idea of what he had been up to.

He wrote: “I took her round the building and showed her the flats we have there. I now handed over all the keys to her saying, IYE (mum) this is the house I built for you…
She was shocked because she never had any idea I was doing this.
Congratulations Alhaja Rukayat Mojirayo..
I love you IYE and I will continue to In shaa Allah.

Ks1 Malaika started playing and performing music from an early age in a quranic school in Agege, Lagos.

He paid his dues through ‘Were’ (the early morning Islamic wake up music during the Ramadan season) before forming his first Fuji band in 1983.

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