Olu Jacobs dementia: I Know How Joke Silva Feels

Joke and Olu Jacobs

Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs

By Bola Adewara

Someone sent this picture to me and asked what do I think is going on in the mind of the lady, Joke Silva.

It is a tough question I didn’t want to respond to. But on the second thought, I changed my heart and resolved to also share my thought publicly.

That picture is a reality all of us might go through. Old age and management of it. Old age is often a helpless period. Old age is often a lonely period. Old age is a period of reflection and reconciliations.

Within you, you are still strong, agile, perceptive, but you wonder what has happened to your body.

It is not funny to watch your loved ones going gradually. May God give us the grace to accept what we can’t do anything about…

My guy, treat your wife well so that in your old age, she would have great memories of a great past and give you a great old age.

Many of us are some years older than our wives. Our wives are likely to be much younger when we are very geriatric and manifesting the symptoms.

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Give your wife a swell time now. Take her out now so she can take you out later. Create all the friendships and facilities you will need that time so that you don’t become totally poor, broke, dependent, lacking and useless in your old age.

Touch lives now. Mix with the younger generation now because they would love to be with you, learn from you in your old age.

Build your own house now so you don’t have to pay rent in your old age. Build a business now that would bring in some money to maintain yourself without waiting for your wife or alert from your children before you can take care of yourself.

Since I saw this picture, I’ve been asking myself: am I treating baby right? Am I raising my children properly? Am I relating well with friends and having the right friends with whom we will do old age? Am I reaching out properly to the younger generation? Am I relevant in my society, my Church, neighbourhood, and beyond all, am I preparing well for eternity?

If you have hurt or offended your wife in any way, please go make amends now. Go and settle the quarrel. Be bold to apologise SINCERELY to her. If you need to prostrate and weep, so she would know you genuinely regret what you did, do it. I know women, they have forgiving hearts, especially when they see genuine repentance. Prepare for your old age now.

I hope you learn something from this picture. Olu Jacobs has done his wife well. It’s payback time. Ride on Joke. Give the man a swell time in his old age! I love you both.

*Bola Adewara is the publisher of e-Life magazine


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