How E-sport Players Get Pain Relief From Repetitive Strain Injuries  

E-sport players

E-sport players

E-sport players can experience multiple injuries that stem from playing games competitively, which require different types of treatment and management. Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) are the most common injuries in e-sport players. In addition, injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis can often be caused by repetitive stress placed on a specific body area, with no rest given to allow for recovery. The most common places where the pain is felt are at the wrist and shoulder due to a person’s position when using a computer.

The good news is that there are ways in which the E-sport players can get relief from pain and prevent RSIs from affecting their competitions. Many things can be done to help ease the pain and take care of the condition; which includes:

 Relief CBD Products:

CBD products can be found online and purchased at major retailers. Buyers should check out New Phase Blends whose products have only CBD ingredients and are not mixed with any other chemicals or substances. It will help with pain management and reduce pain from RSIs.


These products will not only relieve pain but will also help with inflammation and anxiety. A doctor can be consulted before starting any new treatment, especially if the person taking it is on medication. E-sport players should always consult their doctor and find a trusted doctor who does not mind them playing video games for hours at a time, as this could increase their condition further.

 Wrist and Shoulder Stretches:

After completing work or coming off long gaming sessions, e-sport players should stretch the wrist and shoulders. This is done by taking the arm that does not game and putting it above their head while bending at the elbow. Then, bringing their hand towards the opposite shoulder. The other arm should rest on a table in front of them with their fingers pointed towards the floor. The only place the elbow should be resting is when it is on the table. Afterward, players can give themselves a good shoulder stretch by holding both arms in front of themselves and pulling down until they feel tension.

Wrist and Shoulder Stretches

Esport players should take a break from playing every hour or so. This helps to rest your body and give your muscles a chance to relax. The best thing e-sport players can do for themselves is to take breaks. They do not have to sit out long. They need to move around and stretch the sore muscles. Suppose they find that their discomfort is too severe or feel the pain that can’t be managed, then it will be best for them to stop playing until the pain has dissipated completely. It is not worth playing through the pain when it leaves them with lasting damage.

E-sport is becoming more and more popular, which is great for the gaming community. The bad news is that this will lead to even more RSIs in the future. E-sport players need to understand their pain, not ignore it, and get treatment as soon as possible.

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