Make COVID-19 vaccines accessible to poor nations - Tonye Anyanwu


Tonye Anyanwu

A Dubai based Nigerian tech guru and entrepreneur, Tonye Anyanwu has called on the developed countries to facilitate the availability COVID-19  vaccines to the poor nations around the world.

Anyanwu made this call amidst the uptick in new COVID-19 infections linked to the new Omicron strain.

Speaking during his weekly instagram master class on tech, investments and crytpo, Tonye said the recent spate of travel bans which is beginning to take effect this week is just a stop gap measure and not a lasting solution to the problem.

“The solution to this new rise in Covid infections is not travel bans or restrictions. These are just temporary measures, the permanent solution is making sure poorer countries are given more vaccine donations either through the COVAX initiative or by direct nation to nation donations”, Tonye added.

The crypto genie reiterated that additional restrictions and/or travel bans will further alienate peoples and countries from each other.

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“There has been vaccine inequalities between the western industrialized nations, some of who are already giving their citizens boosters shots while a lot of other countries have only been able to vaccinate just a fraction of their population” he said.

Mr. Anyanwu, opined that the toll of Covid- 19 virus on families, businesses and countries in the last one year has been devastating.

He called on the World Health Organisation and the UN to increase awareness and sensitization campaigns so as to eliminate conspiracy theories about vaccines and fears among the masses.

He also urged them to compel the richer and more industrialized countries to donate vaccines to their neighbors and other less fortunate nations, saying “until 70/90% of the world is vaccinated, the virus will keep mutating and new resistant strains will keep being discovered.”

Tonye Anyanwu who is also known as  ‘Crypto Genie’ is an award-winning tech enthusiast, investor, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the CEO & Founder of technology solutions company, Connectopia Tech LLC.

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