Vault Hill hires Arowosegbe to accelerate Metaverse development


Hammed Arowosegbe

Vault Hill has hired Hammed Arowosegbe, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) President (Nigerian chapter) and ex-PwC Senior XR Developer as a Senior Software Engineer, XR, to develop its constructive human instincts themed metaverse.

Hammed brings a wealth of virtual reality and augmented reality experience from one of the Big Four, and has worked with diverse teams across the globe to develop hardware and software solutions, from building the first real-time ship steering simulator in Nigeria to creating scriptable APIs.

“The choice to add Hammed to the budding team at Vault Hill is strategic to accelerate plans for growth with key hires.

”Our team consists of intelligent and outstanding individuals from different fields who have been recognised nationally and globally. His extensive experience in developing VR products will be valuable to our metaverse development.”, says Jimi Daodu, Vault Hill’s Founder and CEO.

Hammed will be leading the XR development team with top quality resources, best standards and quality framework. He will work closely with the Head of Architecture, AR Product Developer, and other XR developers around XR offering and architecture as Vault Hill scale with onboarding new clients.

“I feel very pumped and happy joining Vault Hill. The team is on to something big and has achieved a lot within such a short time.

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“As the world transitions into this metaverse-focused era, being a part of the team gives me an opportunity to shape what should be an ideal decentralised metaverse. It looks very complicated to build and that is what really gets me excited.” Arowosegbe said.

Vault Hill is a blockchain-based human-centric metaverse designed to enhance the human experience.

The metaverse focuses on the basic human instincts which allow users, content creators and developers to explore their creativity and monetise their content in the secure ecosystem.

Users can explore their fantasies, and also enjoy activities they do in the physical world such as interacting with other users, hosting and attending events, playing games, curating arts, and so much more.

Users can fully immerse themselves in the metaverse using a VR headset, they can also acquire digital assets like the VHC virtual land, and transact with the native cryptocurrency, $VHC token.

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