Entrepreneur, Babatunde Oyebode veers into real estate brokerage in UAE


Babatunde Oyebode

Babatunde Oyebode, Chief Executive Officer of Huzzle Incbiz Nigeria Limited, who became popular as a PR and marketing expert, particularly skilled in social media marketing and digital branding has veered into real estate brokering in the United Arab Emirates.

Since starting out as the CEO and Founder of Huzzle Incbiz Nigeria Limited, Oyebode has expanded his coast with many other businesses under his belt.

He is currently the CEOs of the following business interests: Baudex Beard and Cigar; Konkaherbal, HuzzleInc Biz Agro; Huzzle Panels; and a stakeholder in Beautiful Body NG.

He has been shuttling between Dubai and Lagos for both business and pleasure. He is particularly popular on social media, being a friend to many celebrities and social media personalities.

“What actually got me into Dubai was pleasure and business. I have always been in and out of that city. I think it’s high time for business. Dubai is actually not for the faint-hearted, and real estate is a booming industry, and I have decided to test the waters , but humbly as a broker , and the sky’s our limit all the way as we aspire,” he said.

“The Nigerian industry is beautiful, don’t get me wrong but I have a business plan and it’s UAE first , who knows, Europe next, maybe Nigeria. I have lived in the UAE for four years now, studying the real estate industry, and it’s very robust. Although the COVID-19 came and crippled it, now it has gone back up and I want to tap into that surge. I didn’t go to Dubai to count skyscrapers, I am here and we are relentless,” he added.

Oyebode describes himself simply as a businessman who catched on opportunities and made the most of them without crossing the lines. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur he is also a philanthropist.

Oyebode, last year was recognized as one of the “40 Under 4O CEO Nigeria 2021” by Young Entrepreneur International Summit and one of the “20 Outstanding African Businesses in UAE by the CEO Africa.

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