'There's a reason we earn more than journalists': Mourinho fumes

Jose Mourinho fumes after Roma defeat

'There's a reason we earn more than journalists': Mourinho fumes after Roma defeat

Jose Mourinho refused to take questions from journalists following Roma’s 3-0 defeat to Inter on Saturday

His emotions also got the better of him as he told a reporter that there’s a reason “we earn a lot more than you”.

He said being a manager was much more difficult than journalism, leading to the gulf in pay.

Rather than answer for his squad’s performance, he delivered a brief monologue and exited the press conference.

“Your job is a lot easier than ours which is why we earn a lot more than you,” the Roma manager told the first reporter who tried to ask a question.

In his monologue, Mourinho said: “I apologise to the studio, to the people at home who might be interested in their questions.

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“Inter are stronger than us in normal conditions. In non-normal conditions, they are much stronger than us. Last season, they were 29 points ahead of Roma. Today, with injuries and suspended players, it was very, very difficult.

“Our attacking potential was practically nil. It was very important to score a goal because we would only have two or three chances. We had three and didn’t score.

“When you play with a defence that has [Roger] Ibanez and various others in positions that are not their usual ones, you still cannot concede the first and third goals. You just can’t.”

Mourinho’s side is now 13 points behind Seria A leader AC Milan.

They’ve now lost consecutive league games, and Mourinho has started to revert to old patterns of behaviour.

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