Femi Osibona ignored warning about Ikoyi building - Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman said Femi Osibona was warned by a young prophet not to build the high-rise building that collapsed in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State.

The cleric stated this while speaking against spiritual blindness at a service titled 2021 Impact with Apostle Suleman at Baltimore, US.

However, Suleman never mentioned “Femi Osibona” but dropped enough hints pointing at the renowned developer.

Speaking passionately at the event, Apostle Suleman said: “Hear this, a prophet, a young man was speaking to a man in Lagos.

“And said to the man, I saw you lose your life, I saw many people lose their lives because of you. And said to the man you are going to check for a land. you want to build a house, don’t build. you want to build a house, several floors about 20 story buildings, don’t build because the house will not stand and the man laughed and started analyzing, showed him the architectural design, the engineers he was working with. He said all kinds of things but the prophet was a young man unknown and this man was a believer, he went ahead with the building. You know the story. sad, sad, sad. it was a sad day in Nigeria, the whole building came crumbling down. several lives were lost but there was a warning.”

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Apostle Suleman, however, noted that he was not celebrating calamity but urging the people of God to seek spiritual guidance on every decision.

The high-rise building owned by Osibona collapsed at 14:45 West Africa Time (UTC+1) on 1 November 2021.

As of 6 November, 42 people were confirmed dead.

Osibona was also at the site and died in the collapse.

Watch the full sermon by Apostle Suleman here.

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