There are gangs of bullies in Nollywood - Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, has said there are gangs of bullies in Nollywood and that she has been a victim of such bullies.

She spoke in reference to Sylvester Oromoni, who was bullied to death by senior students at Dowen College, Lagos recently.

Abubakar said she had been a victim of bullies right from the universities and that she repeated a semester in Bayero University, Kano, because she was bullied.

She said she could not talk then because she was very scared, explaining that there was a particular examination she did not write because the bullies were at the hall waiting for her for no reason.

Abubakar stated that when she went back to her room, she found out that her food was not there and that at times, the bullies would lie on her bed which was always neatly laid, saying that it was not something she wanted to remember because it was not a pleasant experience.

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She insisted that there were bullies in Nollywood and everywhere else, saying that “they all have their gangs and they are the ones destroying Nollywood— from producers to actors. Some would borrow money from one and use their voices to intimidate one not to ask for one’s money back. Some people are just evil.”

Abubakar told The Punch that she had been a victim of bullying since she was 14 years old when she started acting, saying that she was bullied till she stood on her feet and said she would not take it anymore.

According to her, “If I open my mouth, there would be waves of shock and amazement. Half of the people that are thought to be nice are actually mean and hateful. There is no joy in the heart of the people that have hurt me.”


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