What I would do when Adeboye, Idahosa are being maligned - Oyedepo

Oyedepo 2

Bishop David Oyedepo

Prosperity preacher, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Worldwide has said he could not stay in a place where Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Archbishop late Benson Idahosa are being maligned.

He said he would walk away from the place.

“I have never been in one place in my Life where they malign Daddy G.O and I stayed or Benson Idahosa and I stayed, never once not once.

“One man met me in the US and came to my room he is also a minister, he kind of said unprintable things and I vowed never once will you see my face, he died a messy death, they were pushing food to him like somebody that is mad and in asylum, whosoever curseth his Father and Mother his Light shall be put out in obscure darkness.

“If I am invited to a big time Convention and I see anything that maligns Kenneth Hagin I will walk out because I didn’t come there for offering, so there is no reason for me to stay, may the Lord save your Life,” he said.

Oyedepo also disclosed that every seed from last year’s Shiloh went to rural church building.

“Everything is in billions sir, not one dime crosses its way to the Ark and the Ark has not called for one dime offering, we are done with the basement, if it is converted to seating, we will sit 44,000 human beings and it can take 330 cars.

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“I have been around a bit, I have not seen such site in terms of basement on the same floor yet without you and I, don’t mess up with God, there is no abracadabra here, we are guided by the truth, you don’t triumph with tricks you only triumph with truths, you will also triumph.

“Stop being an onlooker, stop being a referee, stop being a commentator, run the race set before you, stay focused and wish others well, wish others well, heaven is testifying why are you not testifying ask God,” Oyedepo said as captured by Church Gist.

He also warned against bitterness as it would destroy destiny.




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