Actor Williams Uchemba blasts false prophets


Williams Uchemba

Nollywood actor and Instagram comedian, Williams Uchemba has addressed the increasing number of “false prophets who claim they hear from God”.

Condemning fake prophets on his Instagram page, the actor stated that they do not have scriptural back up for their teachings.

Uchemba went on to lecture his fans on how they can decipher messages that truly came from God.

He wrote, “There is a massive release of false prophets recently claiming they heard from God but can’t back up a single thing they say with the scripture.

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“How you know it’s God is that it comes from the place of love. How you know it’s the devil is that it comes from the place of condemnation.

“You think Christianity is a joke? You think Hell is funny? You think Jesus’ death for our redemption is a movie?

“You don’t use fear and condemnation to preach Christ. That’s the devil’s tools. Condemnation has never fixed a misbehaving child. Charlatans misleading the sheep for slaughter.”

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