Kemi Olunloyo: Actress Ada Ameh fires back Ka3na


Ada Ameh, Kemi Olulonyo and Ka3na

Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh, has fired back at a former Big Brother Naija housemate, Kate Jones, popularly known as Ka3na who said she is becoming a nuisance.

Some days ago, Ameh had slammed self-acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, for claiming that Sylvester Oromoni, a student of Dowen College who died after being beaten by some of his schoolmates, accepted to join a cult.

Ameh in an Instagram video called Olulonyo a number of derogatory names such as “mad woman”, “a mentally derailed person”, “an animal” and “one who had no feelings for what happened to Oromoni.”

Ada’s method of addressing Kemi Olulonyo, however, infuriated Ka3na, as the reality TV star took to her Instagram stories and called out Ada Ameh, over her comment.

“It takes madness to identify another! Ada Ameh you go soon meet your match. It’s so easy for you to insult people!” she wrote.

“I let the first time you insulted me slide because I still had some respect for your age but as of this moment no try am again…You’re becoming a nuisance seriously”.

In a follow-up post, Ka3na said she’s not supporting Olunloyo but faulting Ameh’s “penchant for always correcting people with insults”.

In a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, Ameh said, “Ka3na is just a stupid girl that wants to be heard. If she said I am becoming a nuisance, I think her mother did not train her well and it has nothing to do with age.

“I think Ka3na just wanted to say something because I remember that there was a time she made a statement that she wanted a tattoo of herself on someone’s body. When someone did, Ka3na criticised the lady and I said she (Ka3na) misled the person. I added that her statement was not nice.

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“I guess she did not have anything to say at that time and now, she wants to be heard. But, I am the wrong choice for her.

“If I addressed Kemi in the manner I did, what has that got to do with Ka3na? I was not talking to her and Kemi is not her mother. I was speaking from the place of pain because my child has also died, although she was not bullied. She died after a surgery.

“I have been acting in movies for over 25 years and I started with Domitila. We had respect and value for one another but Ka3na is not an actor. She is an overnight celebrity because she participated in Big Brother Naija.

“In my time, there was no social media but I will neither disrespect anybody unjustly nor have hatred for anyone.”

Reacting to those saying she should reduce the way she calls people out publicly, Ameh said, “That is who I am and that is how I love to express myself.

“During the (COVID-19) lockdown, I spoke out concerning the poor electricity situation in the country. I did not speak out because I could not afford to buy fuel (for my generator), I did it because I knew there were people that were not able to afford it. If my ranting is the only way to influence change, then that’s fine.”

Speaking on how she feels a year after losing her only child, the actress said, “This is one of the most challenging periods of my life. I have lost six of my siblings, my father, then my daughter. So, I know what pain is about. There are moments that I remember her.

“One cannot forget it but it will heal gradually. One has to yield to the process; it is a two-way thing. The pain is indescribable and excruciating. My late daughter and I were like sisters. With time, one would feel a lot better. It takes God’s grace and one has to encourage oneself in the Lord.”

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