How Alerzo is aiding retailers this yuletide: CEO



As informal retailers stock for festive period sales, the Chief Executive Officer, Alerzo Limited, Adewale Opaleye has stated that retailers stand to benefit a lot by stocking their shops on the e-commerce platform.

The Alerzo boss said the yuletide is a period of sales boom for retailers and the platform’s offerings will make them maximize their profit.

According to him, Alerzo, among other benefits, offers free delivery on goods for retailers and also helps them guide against the hike in prices of goods which is prevalent during festivities.

“Ordering your stock on Alerzo qualifies you for zero cost on delivery of your goods at your shop. This is not a festive season promo, it has been part of our business since inception.

“For the past two years, we have delivered to informal retailers at no cost. It’s what you benefit from when you buy from Alerzoshop.

“Sharp rise in prices of goods during yuletide is a recurring trend in Nigeria.

“This tends to affect retailers’ inventory, by reducing the quantity of goods that can be acquired. With our services, we have not only eliminated the need to allocate revenue to transport fares and market fees, we have also regulated the prices of products.

“Thereby, we ensure that our informal retailers are not affected by unreasonable price-hikes. Further adding to our appeal, we have improved the access of informal retailers to a wider range of products to meet their customers’ needs.

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“Added to the price hike is the Christmas rush that leads to scarcity. This is not what a retailer wants at a time of sales boom.

“Furthermore, we ensure that our retailers always have access to the products especially, during peak demand seasons when consumer goods become scarce.

“Our customers can be sure of over 80% fulfilment rate in product availability during this period. With all these benefits, retailers can save more and increase their profit,” the Alerzo boss said.

He added that shopping on Alerzo will also afford retailers more time for customers, family and friends.

He said: “Alerzo was born out of the desire to help informal retail shop owners live balanced lives. With our logistics expertise, we effectively take care of their stocking needs which frees up more time for retailers to attend to their customers.

Simply place your orders on Alerzoshop, make your payment and Alerzo will handle the rest.”

Alerzo Limited, an innovative B2B e-commerce company, that connects Africa’s informal retail stores directly to local and multinational suppliers.

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