App for tracking kidnappers, victims ‘Pajawiri’ unveiled in Ibadan

Professor Banji Akintoye

Professor Banji Akintoye


Leader of Ilana Omo Odua, the ummbrella body of Yoruba self-determination groups, Prof. Banji Akintoye has unveiled ‘pajawiri’ a mobile application to track kidnappers and their victims in South West Nigeria.

Prof. Akintoye unveiled the application at a ceremony in Ibadan, Oyo State where he joined virtually.

He said ‘pajawiri’ would expose criminal elements wherever they are with their victims, once the victims have the application installed in their phones, either on or off.

Interface of the ‘pajawiri’ mobile app
Interface of the ‘pajawiri’ mobile app

The application can be downloaded on Play Store and App Store. Prof. Akintoye also said that the app has a feature  ‘Afinihan’ that can be used by those without android phones to link up with those with the full application.

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The historian said that the emergence of Pajawiri is evidence that the Yoruba people are too intellectually sophisticated to be subdued.

“We have now proven to the world that we cannot be captured nor be subdued. We are too intellectually sophisticated to be subdued.

“It is these innovations and intellectual powers that we will deploy to get ourselves out of the quagmires of Nigeria,” the 86-year-old said, according to a statement by his spokesman, Maxwell Adeleye on Monday.

“Those in possession of the ‘Pajawiri’ app on their telephone, will be able to activate the app instantly, whenever they find themselves in danger. By activating the app, they will be able to alert their families, their friends and their neighbours that they are in danger and that they need help, the statement read further.

“In that way, no Yoruba person needs to be alone anywhere on their farms, schools, market places, shops and anywhere else. Any person who finds himself threatened by danger and who is in possession of Pajawiri will be able to alert other persons for help.”

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