Okorocha cracks mystery of rampaging, unidentified gunmen in Imo



Former Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha believes he has cracked the puzzling phenomenon of unidentified gunmen who had been on the rampage in the state.

The smoking gun appeared to have been provided by the gangster-like arrest of his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, a former governorship candidate inside the church by gunmen, who later turned out to be policemen.

Okorocha, who spoke on Channels Television’s Politics Today, said Nwosu’s arrest on Sunday gave a glimpse into how the Imo State government carries out criminal acts with policemen attached to Government House.

“What is happening in Imo state is unfortunate. And not just Imo, but the entire nation and humanity. Imo State is becoming a banana republic, where there is complete lawlessness and where people live in fear. There is no day that somebody is not being killed, harassed.

“It appears as if the happenings in Imo state have some backing from Abuja. That’s what I could figure out. And there seems to be enmity between the people here and the presumed federal government of Nigeria just because of a communication gap.

“Most people have been wondering about the mystery of unknown gunmen. But it appears to me now that unknown gunmen have finally been unraveled with the recent happenings.

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“Unknown gunmen now is a set of policemen from Government House who, without the consent of the Commissioner of Police, the Inspector General of Police, or the DIGs, but on their own on the instruction of the government of Imo State, led by Hope Uzodimma, and his CSO, Shaba, who give directives to arrest people at will and lock up people at will and sometimes the whereabouts of these people are unknown.

“They get policemen from the Government House and go to execute unholy acts. And when they run into problems, they quickly say it is the police.”

The Imo State Government said Mr. Nwosu’s arrest was part of an independent police investigation and that Mr. Okorocha was attempting to politicise the issue.

Mr. Nwosu, who has since been released by the police, said his arrest was politically motivated.

He said his release was ordered by the Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba.

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