Dirty confrontation between Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh

Tonto and Bob

Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh

By Nehru Odeh

2021 was the year of revelations. This outgoing year will go down not only as one that many nudes went viral on social media but also one in which some dirty secrets were revealed.

Some of the dirty secrets that were revealed included those of Tonto Dikeh’s estranged lover Prince Kpokpogiri, Tonto’s herself and Bobrisky’s.

But of all the dirty secrets that were revealed in the Nigerian public space, none was as dirty and revealing as the secrets two former friends and besties, Bobrisky (born Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye)  revealed about each other.

In times past both Bobrisky and Tonto were the best of friends and were sure of having each other backs in a society that they deemed hostile. But surprisingly now they have become sworn enemies.

Trouble started when Tonto posted a quote on her Instagram page which read: “A jealous demon may appear as a supportive angel.  Be watchful,” which she simply captioned: Be guarded my people.

And Bobrisky replied: “Jealous? How? Aunty, pay your debt. You owe someone and you still fight wth the person. Fear God, Aunty Born again that smokes hemp in a corner.”

“Some people are born to be wicked. How can you hold my N5million and still throw shades at me? Don’t cross the line, Aunty. Keep living your fake life.”

But aunty crossed line and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here are some of the dirty secrets:

Tonto Dikeh’s secrets:

1. Bobrisky  described Tonto as  broke, adding that Mompha gave her the sum of N300, 000

2. He also accused Tonto of planning to destroy her former husband, Olakunle  Churchill.

“Tonto y did you send me ur ex husband full name churchill and his mother name ? since you have step on my toes, let me finish you completely…. remember you asked me to give his name to my grandma if she has anyone to help you destroy his life, and I told you my grandma don’t associate herself with anyone that destroy people name. She is Muslim and she doesn’t do evil. I fight with receipt darling… I don’t come out to fabricate lies and story. Tonto ur fans need to know you are evil you come online to pretend who are you not. Thank God I didn’t listen to fight churchill for you because I remember telling you he is ur baby daddy I can’t involve in such fight. I’m posting more receipt of ur evil deed.”

3. Bobrisky claimed that Tonto Dikeh bluntly refused to pay him back the money she borrowed from him, while insisting that Tonto Dikeh became friends with him so she can squander his wealth.

4. Bobrisky accused Tonto of going about speaking in tongues but pooed on the bed because she smoked her life out.

Bobrisky revealed that Tonto defecated on the bed twice after smoking and drinking herself into a stupor as she was so weak to even use the toilet.

He also accused Tonto of covering her dirty deeds by posting church programmes on social media and speaking in tongues.

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Bobrisky’s secrets

1. In some posts she shared on her Instastories, Tonto alleged that Bobrisky sleeps with Yahoo boys and blackmail them after sleeping with them and gets paid.  She also said the ”gay world has rejected Bobrisky, likewise his family.”

2. In another post, she revealed how she allegedly took Bobrisky to a chemist to buy healing cream for his leaking butt.

“I respect friendship a lot so when it goes sour I walk away because whatever I say publicly will be believe cause I was the closest person to them. I try as much as possible to ignore ex friends but bob DO NOT PUSH ME TO THE WALL.

“You are the same little boy I will walk into a chemist for to buy Cracked butt healing crème for your licking poss filled anus to heal. You don’t see me coming out to tell everyone that your Bentley belongs to @ktsele1…

“Or that you almost killed your ex friends son with jazz? Or the Rolex watch you parade as bae bought me is actually mine?”

“I NEVER WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU AGAIN…Everything you did, I did more for you!!! Btw you have my jewelries.

Who gave me quick notice???

“Pls provide the papers. I have you house gist fake ass fool, bring receipt and I will bring the real owner of the house real now.

“Is it how you said you are sleeping you half the industry? I just don’t want to call names so I don’t ruin homes.

“Biggest gossip for Man like you.

“You have over six petitions for stealing from people, you are also a Thief. If not for @ktsele1 by now you will be rotten in jail and you have no fear to insult him.

3. Tonton also said Bobrisky is dirty and his butt smells so bad.

“Bobrisky’s butt smells so bad. He is literally one of the dirtiest humans, his P.A didn’t lie. I would clean is anus with two packets of cotton wool every five hours. Just because I wanted to be a big sis, while advising him to stop anal sex. Bob is a fool coming for me when I have your life in my hands”.

Speaking further, she wrote: ”This is what I will do for this ungrateful Phool and he turns around to say shot..

“Do you know when I started making money?

“When you were still a dirtier Pig I will send you money almost every month and you wld come up here to say thank you…


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