2023 Presidency: Group launches Yahaya Bello support App

Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello

By Lizzy Okoji

The Arewa Voter’s Forum has launched a mobile application “GYB 2023 Online” in support of Governor Yahaya Bello to run for President in the 2023 elections.

Prince Abdulahi Attajiri, President of the Forum disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.

Attajiri said just like every other group, the Arewa Voter’s Forum developed the App, as part of their support to Bello because of its capability to lead Nigeria.

According to Attajiri, the online mobile App which was launched in the new year, 2022 was developed to reach a wider audience, within and outside Nigeria on events and information about Bello.

Attajiri said developing the App was the group’s way of calling on Bello to run for President and to coordinate and synchronise all the activities and campaigns of different groups and organisations to the course.

He explained that the Application has so many features that make it user friendly, enable interaction and feedbacks with the WhatsApp window underway to enable users to relate even better.

“We created this App to make sure we reach the larger audience, within and outside Nigeria with news items, activities.

“As an application which can be downloaded on any device, it’s accessible, and can serve in a place where there is no light or television.

“It has so many features, works in so many ways. We are on google play store and we are working tirelessly to host it on the apple play store of the new version.

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“The Application will enable people to be in the picture of who his Excellency is so that our fans can reach us easily and communicate with us, and give us feedback.

“With the invention of this App, nobody will be asking who is Yahaya Bello and what he does, everything will be evident,” Attajiri said.

Attajiri said the Arewa Voter’s Forum which has over nine million memberships across the country is throwing its weight behind Bello as they have found him capable of governing the country.

He said that the numerous strides achieved by Bello are evident in Kogi, hence the call for him to apply such strategies in tackling the challenges confronting the country at large.

“We are supporting Bello because frankly speaking, since the time of Independence till date, we have seen a lot of our leaders and their leadership style.

“They have tried, and so is the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, he has done a lot.

“Now we came to discover that Nigeria needs someone like Yahaya Bello, a young person who has all the qualities of leadership and capabilities.

“Looking at what he has done in the State so far is clear evidence that he is 100 per cent qualified as the Presidential candidate of this country.

“Of everyone that has indicated interest, he is incomparable because he has leadership qualities which have been moulded by life and experience. And we are ready to do all it takes for him to be next President,” Attajiri said.


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