Actor Clem Ohameze undergoes spinal cord surgery (video)


Clem Ohameze

Veteran Nollywood actor Clem Ohameze is currently recuperating after he underwent a successful spinal cord surgery.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the actor was captured in a hospital bed and softly mouthing words of praise to God for the success of the surgery.

Clem was in November 2021 left in uncontrollable tears as he received N8 million from prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin to offset his medical bills.

The thespian known for his many roles in Nollywood movies has been confined to a sickbed for almost two years following his involvement in an accident, which had damaged his lower and upper limbs.

Ohameze had taken to the internet to solicit for help.

In his reaction to Ohameze’s call for help, Fufeyin stated that he first saw the man on the internet requesting for prayer over his predicament before he was informed that the actor had come to his church for assistance.

“I know he was a strong man,” Fufeyin said while stressing that Ohameze needed help and support.

Ohameze had told the church that a series of scans were done on him after the accident with medical treatments.

Although he had returned to normal activities after a series of medications, sadly the situation later returned and started deteriorating rendering him incapacitated.

“My doctor kept calling. He said the more I stay, the worst the situation. So I have no choice than to make up my mind to go for the surgery.

“So I called that I was ready and they booked me for first week of December.

“I recorded the video asking for prayers because I know there’s nothing God can not do. Let the church pray for me,” Ohameze said.

With the successful surgery, he can now walk well and take more roles in the Nollywood industry.

The actor in the video thanked Nigerians for coming to his aid when it mattered.

Watch the video below.

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