COVID-19 pandemic can end this year: WHO chief Tedros

Tedros Ghebreyesus WHO director-General

Tedros Ghebreyesus WHO Director-general

World Health Organisation (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is hopeful that the COVID-19 pandemic can end this year, despite the spread of the Omicron variant.

Tedros declared: “If we end inequity, we end the pandemic.”

He said that narrow nationalism and vaccine hoarding by some countries have undermined equity, and created the ideal conditions for the emergence of the Omicron variant.

“The longer inequity continues, the higher the risks of this virus evolving in ways we can’t prevent or predict,” Tedros said.

In a statement issued as the world welcomed 2022, Tedros said; “I’m confident that this will be the year we end it but only if we do it together”.

He maintained that Covid-19 is not the only health threat the world’s people will face in 2022. WHO will continue to work around the world to protect and promote the health of everyone, everywhere.

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“A new year brings new resolutions. Here is mine, for the world. First, we must end the pandemic.

“To do that, we need all countries to work together to reach the global target of vaccinating 70 per cent of people in all countries by the middle of 2022.”

The WHO chief called for the need to build a stronger global framework for global health security.

He further urged all countries to invest in stronger primary healthcare saying, “Covid-19 has demonstrated that when health is at risk, everything is at risk.”

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