4 killed by COVID-19 in Abuja since 1 January

coronavirus (Covid-19) deaths


Four people have died of COVID-19 in Abuja since the beginning of 2022, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control announced on Monday night.

Three people died on 2 January, while one person died on Monday, NCDC said.

The deaths raised the fatalities in Abuja from 235 to 239, the second highest after Lagos’s 761.

Nationally, Nigeria now has 3,045 deaths, since the pandemic hit Nigeria in February 2020.

The NCDC also announced 670 new cases of COVID-19, with Lagos reporting 277 cases, the highest.

Kaduna reported 199 cases and Abuja 120. The three reporting centres accounted for 596 cases, 89 percent of the case for 3 January.

NCDC however clarified the numbers.

It said 19 of the 199 confirmed cases reported for Kaduna state were logged this year, while 180 cases were for some days in December last year.

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According to the NCDC, Kaduna recorded additional 65 cases on 20 December, 70 cases on 22 December and 45 cases on 23 December.

It also explained that 109 of the 120 cases in FCT were recorded on 2 January. Only 11 cases were reported on 3 January.

Abia’s 14 confirmed cases were reported 2 January. There was no data from the state for Monday.

NCDC said “175 Discharged cases reported for Kaduna state were for 1st (45), 2nd (60) & 3rd (70) January 2022

Also, “52 Discharged cases reported for Abia state were for 2nd January 2022

“163 Discharged cases reported for FCT were for 2nd (4) & 3rd (159) January 2022 with 150 community discharges.

Breakdown of COVID-19 cases on 3 January:

Cross River-2
244,120 confirmed
216,180 discharged
3,045 deaths
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