God is angry with the world right now - Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye of RCCG

General Superintendent, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said God is angry with the world which is why Coronavirus is still raging.

Adeboye, in his sermon on Sunday said there was a time in Egypt when God was angry with Pharaoh and He decided to show Pharaoh that He is the king of all kings, older than the oldest, wiser than the wisest and stronger than the strongest.

“He decided to show Egypt that there is a God in Heaven. Just like this time when God wants to show the world that there is a God in heaven. Thank God for scientists, brilliant people, I used to consider myself as one of them. They are very important people but the Bible says the wisest man, his wisdom cannot be compared to the foolishness of God.

“Right now God is angry with the world and He is showing the world that as you are making one vaccine, a new variant is coming. I told you that last year. He wants me to tell you who are members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God that He will treat Egypt separately and treat you as Goshen.

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“He said there will be a difference between those who serve me and those who do not. There will be a line drawn. It means your body will be treated as Goshen. Psalm 91:5-8. Coro is not going to come near your house. It won’t come near your body, He is saying no plague will come near your dwelling. Because Goshen is a city within a city, He is saying no pestilence will invade your town or your village,” he said.

Adeboye added: “I know some of these things may sound strange. Oh how can that be? Do you know that because of you alone? Just one person, God can spare a whole town. You can do your research and find out there has not been a single case of Corona Virus in Ifewa. Not one. I have people there doing the checking for me.

“May I decree to you that from now on, because of you your village is preserved. Your body will be Goshen. Your village will be Goshen.”

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