Sponsors of Imo banditry to be known today as Uzodimma battles Okorocha


Gov. Uzodimma

Governor Hope Uzodimma will name the sponsors of banditry, kidnapping and cannibalism in Imo state at a stakeholders meeting scheduled for today.

The incidents have given Imo state a bad reputation in the South east of Nigeria.

But Uzodimma said the identities of the sponsors of the dastardly acts will be known today.

Ahead of the meeting, the Uzodimma government has alleged a disinformation campaign by the soon-to-be named sponsors.

One of the elements of the campaign, the government alleged, was the false news of the arrest of the security officers attached to Uzodimma.

Government accused Rochas Okorocha and his in-law Uche Nwosu for mounting the false campaign, because of fears they will be named as sponsors of terror that has plagued the state.

Read the rest of the statement by Oguwike Nwachuku, Chief Press Secretary/Media Adviser to the Governor:

“To discredit the government and undermine the peace which the Governor has achieved so far, as was evident in the large number of Imo people who came back home from around the world for Christmas and New Year festivities, the duo have resorted to publishing falsehood yet again about security officers in the State Government House.

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“Their claim of the arrest and detention of a certain Shaba, whom they falsely allege to be the CSO to the Imo State Governor is strange as the Governor’s CSO is not known by the name of Shaba both officially and otherwise.

“In addition, no security officer in the Governor’s security team was either arrested or is currently unaccounted for. As such, the entire story can best be described as a poorly scripted fabrication aimed at misleading the unsuspecting public.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Okorocha and Nwosu have been specifically mentioned by suspects who are in the custody of security agents, as being sponsors of kidnapping and banditry in Imo State, using their relationship with former ex-militants to perpetrate the crimes.

“Rather than clear their names, they appear bent on using both overt and covert means to blackmail the Police High Command, which legitimately arrested Uche Nwosu.

“They are also actively seeking to dent the image of the fine security officers attached to the Governor of Imo State.

“The public must be informed that the entire report is false and a failed attempt to frustrate the Imo Stakeholders meeting taking place on Tuesday.

“The mass of Imo People, who are undoubtedly peaceful and fun loving are enjoined to discountenance the serial falsehood that continue to be churned out by the embattled duo.

“The focus and direction of the Gov. Uzodimma led government, it must be emphasized, will continue to be about the wellbeing of the people of the State, no matter what it takes.

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