Buhari avoids question on Nigeria's debt, inflation (video)

Buhari 2

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday avoided questions on Nigeria’s debt profile during an interview with Channels Television.

The president was given statistics on debt, unemployment, and inflation in Nigeria.

Instead of answering the question, Buhari said Nigerians must return to farms to get out of poverty.

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The interviewer said: “When you took over in 2015, our debt stock at the time was about 12 trillion, now it’s about 32 trillion, the inflation rate was about 9%, it’s now sitting at about 15%, the unemployment rate was about 9.2%, it’s now at about 32.2%, exchange was about 197 to a dollar, now it’s way over 400 naira to a dollar. Now people would look back and say before you took over some of these indicators are fair, and now the figures are not friendly at all.”

Buhari, in his response to the question, said: “I’m not sure of how correct your calculations are, but all I know is that we have to allow people to have access to the farm. We just have to go back to the land. We have to go back to the land,” Mr. Buhari insisted.

Watch the video below:

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